Did you ever wonder?

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is difficult to live in what we describe as a democracy. What does that really mean? Free Speech without the concern of being personally targeted by those in power.

That is simply not true. No those who critique the people in power are not secretly swept away in the night – but make no mistake about it – they are personally impacted by their choice to speak against the people in power.

It is one thing not to get perks – or jobs you probably deserve – it’s quite another to interfere with ones private sector employment.

Then there is the extreme partisan hatred – inflicted on you. There are attempts to limit your personal and professional connections by dropping sometimes subtle and sometimes not hints that one is associating with the wrong person if “you” want to get ahead.

There are attempts to stop the same individuals from attending public events. Then there are the stares and sometimes aggression from the party puppets. Ministers being directed on who they can and cannot speak to.

What does the media do about that? They complain when they are targeted – but ignore others outside their profession who are. If one criticizes the media – are they likely to receive the same punishment as one who criticizes the government? That’s an interesting question and I am certain – that some media will suck it up – consider it and move on – while others will blacklist the same poor souls as the government.

This is no democracy – it is just a place where you can vote. Freedom of speech is restricted by one’s desire to make a living.

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